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Brian Ambrosio is a Licensed Broker, Realtor and Property Manager. Brian has worked for Beacon Property Management and Realty since 2011.  In that time he has progressed from front desk receptionist to Property Manager and Realtor.  And in 2017 became a Licensed Broker. He currently manages over 250 apartments, condos, duplex properties, and single-family homes.  In 2013 he earned is Real Estate License and in his first year of sales was able to achieve the One Million Dollar Award from the Columbus Board of Realtors.  Brian is experienced in dealing with professional investors who own multi-million dollar portfolios, owners of individual homes, and everything in between.  He believes that working with honesty and integrity is the key to his success. Whether you’re looking for investment advice, buying or selling properties, or have questions regarding property management services, he is able and willing to provide you with guidance and advice you need.

Client Comments

"When it comes to property managers I have very high expectations. These are the people entrusted to care for my assets and also represent the face of my company to the tenants. I expect professionalism, efficiency in both time and money and over communication to prevent misunderstandings. Previous to Beacon I went through several property managers which ended up costing quite a bit of time, energy and money. It has been my experience that most managers charge high fees yet provide little service in return. I was looking for a team that would treat my properties like their own. I can hands down Beacon Management has exceeded my previous expectations.

Brian is always available to answer questions and is happy to provide insight in solving challenging property/tenant issues. I often rely on his years of experience dealing with such situations. Brian is extremely proficient handling the day to day issues without involving me in every minuscule decision. He is also prompt in addressing the tenants needs/requests and his solutions are often as inexpensive as if I would have done the job myself. I trust that Brian and Beacon Management will provide the best service possible outside of me doing the work myself and that’s worth a lot to me. You won’t find a better management company in Columbus." - High Point Properties

"Brian Ambrosio has managed our property through Beacon for approximately a year now. We have had an exceptional experience with him. Prior to his taking over our portfolio, our tenants were often late in paying rent and not keeping up with the requirements of our home owners association.   After complaining about this and requesting the portfolio be transferred to Brian, everything changed for the better. The tenants not only started paying their rent in time, but we no longer received mailings from the community’s HOA about non complains to their requirements regarding lawn care. Brian has been nothing but a God send and I am looking forward to working with him as a realtor when we sell our home this year. Great job Brian, you are a person of excellence!" - Bridgitte Cox

"By the way, truly appreciate all the help you've been in this process. Please forward this to your boss, many people aren't recognized for their good work and I wanted them to know that your really doing a great job 🙂 " - Leslie